Michael Payne PhD

Living Well Today was founded in 2002 specializing in biomedical treatment of children with autism. After seven years and 2000 children, Dr Michael Payne developed proprietary assessments and protocols for families dealing with this complex condition.

A synergistic blend of functional medicine, restorative endocrinology and bio therapeutics has catapulted Living Well Today as an international innovator in auto-immune and neurological rehabilitation.

Dr Michael Payne graduated from Medical College of Virginia with a master of science in rehabilitation counseling. Post graduate studies include board Certified Nutrition Specialist with the American College of Nutrition and AFMCP certification with the Functional Medicine Institute in Gig Harbor, Washington. He is a founding member of the board of advisors for Xymogen, a nutriceuticial company based in Orlando, Florida and is a featured speaker for GUNA Inc.

Living Well Today has offices in Richmond, Virginia and Austin, Texas.